Reporting Maintenance Issues

Our Team are keen to resolve any maintenance issues you may experience with your rental property, provided you have been advised that the property is managed by us.

IF THE PROPERTY IS NOT MANAGED BY EMMERSONS, you will need to take the matter up directly with your Landlord.

To ensure that we supply our contractors with the correct information about the issue please complete and return the form below with photographs as appropriate. We will then supply the relevant information to one of our local contractors and let you know what arrangements have been made.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY/SERIOUS WATER LEAKS – Please telephone the office immediately - where applicable turn off the mains stop cock (this will not apply to purpose-built blocks of flats).

Please bear in mind that it may be necessary to refer quotes for repairs to your landlord for approval, and the time to resolve may be dictated by the availability of parts etc. It is not always possible to resolve issues on a single visit. We will always do the best we can to make sure that there is as little inconvenience to you as possible, but sometimes this cannot be avoided. Early resolution is more likely if you agree to allow our contractor access using our management keys. If not, we will usually put the contractor in direct contact with you to arrange a mutually convenient time to visit and assess the problem.

At certain times of year, for example, leading up to Bank Holidays, our contractors will become very busy and early notification of issues is imperative.

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